Blind in Business

Blind in Business was launched to help other blind and partially sighted graduates to compete equally with sighted candidates for good jobs, by providing help, support and training, and by removing barriers to success.

Blind in Business can help if you are:

  • A blind or partially sighted teenager, looking for career advice or technology advice.
  • A parent or carer of a blind or partially sighted child.
  • A Careers Advisor at University who would like to learn how to support blind and partially sighted students.
  • A Disability Advisor at College or University.
  • An employer, looking to take on blind or partially sighted candidates.
  • Sighted and have a friend or relative who is visually impaired and may need our support.
  • Having problems with your sight in the workplace and need some support or direction on technology, or support with your employer.
  • A blind or partially sighted undergraduate or graduate looking for support in finding work.
  • A blind or partially sighted undergraduate or graduate looking for support at University.

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Blind in Business
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0207 588 1885 0207 588 1885
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All our Training Courses are run all over the UK completely FREE of charge.

Accessing this service

Eligibility Criteria

Any person with visual impairment.

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Supporting people with
Visual impairment

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