Jointly App: makes communication between those who share care easy

Jointly is a mobile and online application created by carers for carers. It is designed to make caring a little easier, less stressful and a lot more organised. It combines group messaging with other useful features including to-do and medication lists, calendar and more! Use it with others or on your own.

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You can visit or download the app for free and access the Jointly video, Jointly user guide and Jointly FAQs in order to find out more about Jointly. Jointly works with circles of care. You can purchase a Jointly circle with an one-off payment of £2.99 either through the Apple or Google Play stores or at

Once you have purchased a Jointly circle for the person you are looking after you can invite as many people as you want to share the care with you. There is no additional cost for you or the people you invite to join you. Alternatively, you can use Jointly on your own to organise the care around someone. In this case you will still need to buy a Jointly circle.

Note: Some employers and service providers are offering Jointly. In this case you can ask for a Jointly voucher code which will allow you to use Jointly for free.

Provision For

Supporting people with
Neurological conditions
Learning and Communication
Autism Spectrum Conditions
Other long term conditions


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