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Care Act explained

The Care Act 2014 came into effect on the 1st April 2015 and is the biggest change to adult social care for 60 years. The previous laws were confusing and complex and the Care Act makes getting social care support simpler and fairer for those that need it.

    Support for carers

  • Carers will now be treated the same as the people they care for
  • We will provide an assessment of needs and provide support to carers who meet the eligibility criteria
  • More carers will now have a right to have an assessment

You can find out more on our support for carers pages

    Deciding who receives support

The eligibility criteria for when we will provide support and funding has changed and is now clearer and simpler. This will help people better understand when they will be able to receive support. The same criteria now applies across the country.

You can find out more on our social care support page.

    The cap on care costs

At the moment there is no limit to what you have to pay for your care and support. This means that people with high care needs may have very expensive bills. In the future there will be a new form of protection from unlimited costs. This protection is called the ‘cap on care costs.’

The cap on care was due to be put in place in April 2016. However, in response to concerns expressed by the Local Government Association and many other stakeholders about the timetable for implementing the cap on care costs in April 2016, the government has decided to delay its implementation until 2020.

The delay will allow time to be taken to ensure that everyone is ready to introduce the new system and to look at what more can be done to support people with the costs of care.

    Choosing care and support

People with care and support needs and carers, who are eligible for support from us, will be allocated an amount of money to help pay for the support they need. This is known as a personal budget

You have the option to ask for this to paid directly in to a bank account of your choosing. This is known as a direct payment

    Information, advice and choice

We provide an online and telephone information and advice service which will be available to everyone, not just people who have met the level required to receive care and support.

The service will include:

  • How our social care system works
  • The choice and type of care available
  • The choice of care providers in the area
  • How to access the care and support that is available
  • How to access independent financial advice
  • How to tell us if you have concerns about the safety and wellbeing of an adult
  • Information about local organisations and services

    Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission makes sure that care services, including care homes, provide people with safe, effective and high quality care, and encourage them to make improvements.

From 2015 they also have a responsibility to monitor large care providers to make sure they are less likely to fail.

Find out more about the Care Quality Commission.

    The Safeguarding Adults Board

The Care Act sets out how organisations like the NHS and police work together. We are setting up what is known as a safeguarding adults board to help do this. 

The safeguarding adults board will put plans in place to keep adults safe by working with local people.

These plans will be published and the safeguarding adults board will report annually on its progress.

If an adult with care and support needs dies from abuse and neglect the safeguarding adults board will carry out a review to find out what went wrong so that local professionals and organisations can improve the way they work.

    Services to speak on your behalf

If you have difficulty understanding the social care process, under the Care Act you may now be entitled to an advocate to support you.

Visit our advocacy pages to find out more.

    Appeal against a decision

In the future there will be a formal appeal process if you are not happy with the decisions we make.

    Find out more

    Care Act Easy read guide

care act

The Department of Health's easy read Care Act (2014) guide explains the new law about care and support for adults in England.

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