Sexual health and contraception

Emergency contraception

  • You can take emergency contraception up to 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex. It is more effective the earlier it is taken 
  • If you had unprotected sex more than 3 days ago see a doctor or go to a clinic
  • Emergency contraception is free from your doctor, a clinic and from the Accident and Emergency department at Royal Berkshire Hospital
  • Emergency contraception is available (if you are 16 or over) from a chemist for about £20

    For Free Confidential Advice

    Visit the NHS Berkshire Sexual Health Service website for:

    • Local clinics
    • Emergency contraception
    • Local Pharmacies
    • Order a HIV test kit
    • Information on sexually transmitted infections
    • Information on gender identity
    • Where to go for support if you have been sexual assault or raped
    • Where to get support and information on FGM (Female genital mutilation)

    Local clinics

    • Florey Unit Sexual Health Clinic
    • Woodley Centre Surgery
    • Wokingham Hospital

    Call 0118 322 7202 for details of clinic times or visit the NHS Berkshire Sexual Health Service website


    Visit the NHS (National Health Service):

    Sexual Health Outreach Team

    Our Young Person's Health Workers offer advice and support around sexual health and teenage pregnancy issues. This includes information about local services, training, the implementation of Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) and support for schools and community organisations, including policy development. We are based at Wokingham Community Hospital. We provide support to young people age 11-19, through drop in clinics in communities schools. We can also work with young people individually. 

    Tel: 0118 949 5078

    Online HIV home testing

    Free HIV self sampling postal test kits are available for adults living in Berkshire. Go to the Safe Sex Berkshire website to order your kit.

    National sexual health services

    National Sexual Health helpline: 0300 123 7123

    Brook: Offers sexual health and wellbeing information for under 25s

    Family Planning Association (FPA): Offers help, advice and information on sexual health and pregnancy including easy read guides for people with learning disabilities

    Sexwise: Advice about contraception, pregnancy, STIs and pleasure

    Terrence Higgins Trust: Promote better sexual health and lead provider of the national HIV prevention program

    British Pregnancy Advice Service helpline: 03457 30 40 30

    NHS 111: NHS information and advice service for England, providing advice and details of medical services including where to go for emergency contraception

    Health Apps

    The Student Health App is your one-stop guide to answering common student health questions.

    External Links

    1. NHS Choices - Sexual Health
    2. FPA - Family Planning Association
    3. Brook - Free Confidential Information
    4. FPA - Resources to support people with learning disabilities


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