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Adult social care vision

Well-being including mental and physical health, living conditions, access to local community and mainstream activities is at the core of our services.

We want our customers to lead fulfilling and healthy lives and, should they require care and support, to access services directly and arrange and manage their own care if they are willing and able to do so.

We will support carers to stay well and healthy and we will assist them with carrying out their caring responsibilities.

We are integrating social care services with health to ensure that it is easier to access support, our customers and carers do not need to give the same information to different organisations and we are able to draw on a wide range of resources to offer responsive and flexible services.

To ensure sustainability, value for money and offer better services, we also work on developing flexible and personalised services in partnership with all our customers, carers, voluntary, private and statutory sector organisation.

We will not only focus on meeting our customers’ care and support needs, but also help to fulfil their aspirations. We will do this by connecting our customers with local communities and facilitating access to a wide range of education, employment and leisure opportunities.

We will ensure that appropriate and well-balanced safety measures are in place to protect our customers from harm whilst maximising choice and control of care and support.

Our workforce will be well supported and trained to offer the highest quality advice and support.

    Empowerment, personalisation and self-care

Our aim is to help our customers and carers find and access support services, rather than organise all care and support. We will support our customers if they are unable to access care and support services themselves. For those who are able to arrange and manage their own care (self-care), we will provide advice, information and guidance.

Supported self-assessments

  • Clear information about supported self-assessments
  • Access to advocacy services 


  • 24/7 access to information and advice
  • Online point of access (self-referral tool)
  • Increasing use of assistive technology and mainstream media 
  • Creative, community based support

Personal budgets

  • Direct Payments as a simple option which gives customers and carers flexibility and control
  • Access to peer support

Less bureaucracy 

  • Processes focused on customers’ and carers’ outcomes
  • Clear, well publicised pathway to services
  • Giving comprehensive advice and information at the first point of contact to help you make informed decisions

    Quality and safety

We want to give our customers flexibility and choice in accessing personalised services that best meet their needs. This means considering less conventional or alternative support to the mainstream services. However flexible and creative these services are, we need to make sure that our customers are safe and any risks are identified and addressed in an appropriate way:

  • Proportionate checks and balances
  • Personalised risk management appropriate to the services
  • Contingency plans
  • Clear information and advice regarding risks and safeguarding

    Integration of services / partnership working

Joint working with health, education, housing, police and other organisations is essential to ensuring truly personalised outcomes, better customer care as well as savings and other efficiencies.

  • Joint working / integration of health and social care services using a pooled budget (Better Care Fund)
  • Co-ordinated information and advice and access to health and social care services
  • Prevention of hospital admissions
  • Treatment and support at home to recover and maintain independence

Joint working in other areas of care such as prevention services (services aimed at reducing, delaying or preventing needs for adult social care support),  self-care and community based support.

    Prevention and early intervention

We want to ensure that our customers stay healthy and independent for as long as possible. We also want to help carers in their caring role and provide easily accessible, community based support. We work with a number of organisations to delay, prevent and reduce the need for social care services and prevent development of or reduce the need for support by carers.  We provide a wide range of preventative services which are responsive to local needs and are based in community / neighbourhood settings. 

  • Partnership working with Public Health to promote a healthy lifestyle (including sport and leisure activities, advice and information and self-management of long term conditions)
  • Development of neighbourhood support 
  • Neighbourhood clusters with access to health services, social care support and signposting to community based services (several GPs offering enhanced services and access to community based support)
  • Community engagement targeting needs common in specific locations
  • Schemes aimed at reducing social isolation


Without a well trained and motivated workforce, we will not be able to ensure good outcomes for our customers and deliver a challenging programme of the Care Act reforms. We want all our staff to feel well supported and equipped to deliver the highest quality personalised services and self-care.

  • Staff facilitating access to personalised, flexible services and self-care
  • Sharing information, rewards, and power with staff so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems and improve service and performance
  • Services shaped and managed by social care services
  • Well-balanced and proportionate safeguarding measures 
  • Intervention will still be required in some cases
  • High quality of skills and knowledge across the health and social care workforce
  • Training 
  • Recruitment of skilled staff
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Ongoing reflection and learning as well as monitoring of quality of work
  • Workforce able to meet demand for services 
  • Monitoring demand and responding to increased needs for services by employing additional staff (permanent, short term contracts, agency)
  • Career development opportunities

    Sustainability / resilience

The financial pressures are likely to continue and we need to make sure that we use our limited resources to deliver the highest quality services to our customers and carers:

Making every £ count:

  • Efficient, outcomes based commissioning of services (based on local needs and principles of self-care, personalisation and achieving the best outcomes) 
  • Partnership working with other agencies / Local Authorities
  • Drawing on community resources and social capital (skills, experience and support within the local community) 

Investing in systems and processes 

  • Simplifying processes to ensure that there are no delays, duplication and other inefficiencies
  • Investing in new technology and systems to achieve better results

    Information for social care providers

Services we provide and commission

You can find out in our Market Postion (PDF document)

Contracts and tenders

See our webpage to find out more about tender opportunities and procurement.

Services directory

Our services directory provides information and signposting to organisations. You can register with us to publish details about your organisation.

Support with confidence

We encourage providers who do not have to register with the Care Quality Commission to join our Support with Confidence scheme.

Market Development Plan

Read our Market Development Plan (PDF document) to find out how we are helping to develop the local social care market.

To contact the Commissioning Support Team, please email

Accessible Information Standard

Read the NHS England Accessible Information Standard which informs organisations how they should make sure that disabled patients receive information in formats that they can understand and receive appropriate support to help them to communicate.

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