Paying for my support with a direct payment

If you are assessed by the council as needing care and support or support if you are a carer you can ask for a direct payment to use your personal budget. This allows you to decide how and when you receive care and support instead of having it arranged by the council.

How to get a direct payment

You can receive a direct payment:

  • If you are eligible to receive care services from us
  • If you receive funding from us
  • The Council will set up a dedicated online account with Prepaid Financial Services/EML for you to receive and manage your Direct Payment. The online portal enables you to make payments, and upload invoices/receipts.
  • Which can be managed by you or you can appoint someone else to manage the direct payment on your behalf
How much money will I get?

We will talk to you about what support and assistance you may need in your everyday life - this is called an assessment. Then as part of a financial assessment we will calculate how much money you will receive as your direct payment. The financial assessment will show whether you need to make a contribution towards paying for your support. This contribution is the same whether we arrange the services for you or whether you receive a direct payment.

What I can make direct payments for

Once you have been assessed you can arrange the services and equipment to meet your care and support needs. You can arrange for your care to be provided by an agency or employ someone directly.

 You may not use direct debit payments for:

  • Paying a spouse, partner or close relative living in the same household for the care they provide unless that person is someone who you have specifically recruited to be a live-in employee (other than in exceptional circumstances, which we may agree with you)
  • Permanent residential accommodation
Information I need to provide

We will need to see a range of evidence, such as bank statements, timesheets, receipts, employers insurance and any other relevant document. Initially we will monitor direct payments monthly to make sure that there are no problems. We will then monitor quarterly to check that everything is being done properly.

How to find out more

If you want to talk to someone about what’s involved you can telephone 0118 974 6000 followed by option 6 and ask for the direct payments officer

If you want to go ahead you need to talk to your care manager or contact the Health Hub on 0300 365 1234

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Page last reviewed: 09/10/2023

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