Easy read guides: health, your rights, keeping safe, employment and more

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There are lots of easy read guides available to help explain about your health, find support, how to be independent, help with housing and how to look after your money etc.

This page has been put together with the support of the Wokingham Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Age UK - Information guides and factsheets

Age UK logo

Visit the Age UK website for short information guides that are easy to take in on a variety of subjects including money, legal matters, travel, housing, care, health and wellbeing.

Planning your care and support


National Voices website has created a care and support planning guide for people who need care and support over a long time - this is sometimes called a long term condition.

How care and support plans work


Visit the Mencap website for information on what a care and support plan is.

Advocacy (someone to help speak on your behalf)


Advocacy is about giving you as much control as possible by helping you to understand things and say what you want to say.

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) has an easy read guide to advocacy (PDF)

Employing your own care and support

Personal assistant

The skillsforcare website has a personal assistants toolkit with easy read guides to help you through the process of employing a personal assistant.

Housing guide

housing guide

Wokingham Learning Disability Partnership Board's easy read housing guide will help you to think about important choices when making decisions about where to live.

Staying safe on social media and online

The following organisations have produced PDF easy read guides on how to keep safe when you are using social media and the internet:

Keeping adults safe


Read Wokingham Borough Council's easy read guide on keeping adults safe and where to go for help (PDF document).

Domestic Abuse: Where to go for help

The Home Office has created an easy read guide to help you find support if you or someone you know is being abused at home.

Things you can do to look after your mental health and wellbeing

mental health

We can all do things to look after our bodies (our physical health) like doing exercise and having a good diet, but we can also do things to look after our minds.

The NHS Every Mind Matters website has useful information on things you can do to look after your mental health and wellbeing.

Health guides


The EasyHealth website have produced lots of useful easy read guides and videos on health related subjects.

The NHS South of England picture of health website has easy read guides on a variety of health topic.

Flu vaccine

Read the NHS easy read guide: Protect yourself from flu, have the flu vaccine. Further information on the flu and the vaccination can be found on the NHS stay well web page

The National Development Team for inclusion have produced an easy-read leaflet about the flu injection. Find out if you are eligible for the free flu jab by going to the NHS stay well website.

Seeking advice if you have a minor illness

If you have a minor illness such as cough, cold, sore throat, tummy ache you can speak to your local pharmacist who will be able to give treatment advice. Visit the NHS website to find out more information about this service. 

Read the NHS guide to problems a pharmacist can help with in:

Watch the NHS British Sign Language (BSL) video guide to how a pharmacist can help. 

Royal Berkshire Hospital

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust provides a range of easy read leaflets for patients with communication difficulties. These include:

  • Getting help in hospital
  • Having a blood test in hospital
  • Having an X-ray
  • Having a CT or MRI scan
  • Going to the Emergency Department (A&E)
  • Going to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU)
  • Coming in for checks: having a 'pre-operative assessment'
  • Going into hospital: what happens on admission
  • Having a general anaesthetic for an operation or investigation
  • Washing your hands: keeping away germs in hospital
  • Talk to us (Easy Read)

Go to the Royal Berkshire NHS website to download an easy read guide.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust want to make sure that anyone with a disability, impairment or a sensory loss is given information that they can understand and is provided with the communication support they need.

Visit the Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust website for further information.

Good care from nurses & midwives

The Nursing & Midwifery Council provide an Easy Read Guide on Good Care from Nurses & Midwives (PDF)

Mencap: easy read guides for people with special educational needs and disabilities

Mencap have a range of easy read guides on a variety of topics for children and adults with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Go to the advice and support section of the mencap website to find and download these easy read guides.

Support into employment

Optalis Supported Employment Service

The Optalis Supported Employment Service has created a video which explains how the Supported Employment Service help their clients

Watch the Optalis Supported Emploment Service Train Workshop video

Support you maybe entitled to

The UK Government website provides information on support you maybe entitled to if you are ill or disabled:

Easy Read

Read the get help from Access to Work easy read guide.

The Care Act

care act

The Department of Health's easy read Care Act (2014) guide explains the new law about care and support for adults in England.

The Human Rights Act

The British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) has created a booklet for people living with learning disabilities or autism and their families. It aims to give information about how human rights can help individuals to have more control over their own life and be treated with dignity and respect.

Further information can be found on the BIHR Easy Read Human Right Info Hub.

Visiting Wokingham library

Read the easy read guide to using Wokingham library for people with disabilities.

The guide was written by CLASP, a charity supporting adults with learning disabilities.


Page last reviewed: 19/02/2024

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